About Theresa

Hey there, I’m Theresa Christine, an LA-based freelance writer and adventurer. My writing has taken me snorkeling in stunning blue waters between tectonic plates in Iceland, horseback riding through the lush Brazilian countryside, and cruising into the dusty desert on the back of an octopus art car with Susan Sarandon. I want to take you on my journeys and share the wildly wonderful (and wonderfully weird) tales of my life, travels, and work.

I’m the Bosslady-in-Chief of the travel blog Tremendous Times, and I’ve worked on publications like Tiny Atlas Quarterly, HOW Design Magazine, and Wanderful. Oh, and I also teach classes online all about writing and blogging.

The best way to stay updated? Follow me on social media (I’m on Twitter and Facebook the most these days). And if you’d like some behind-the-scenes goodness and extras that I don’t share there, head over to Patreon and snag some patron-only rewards.

For inquiries, please contact me at: theresa.that@gmail.com.