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waterfall view in Iceland

Oh hai there. I’m Theresa—blogger, traveler, and cat lover.

I started Tremendous Times to show you how you can make travel a bigger part of your life. A few years ago, I had such a desire to travel but I just sort of assumed I couldn’t. At the time, I didn’t really have much extra money, I couldn’t exactly take time off of work, and I felt pretty scared to break out of my regular routine. Still, I desperately wanted to travel more, and so I started booking trips and forcing myself to do things out of the ordinary.

Along the way, I learned a lot about prioritizing trip taking—from budgeting to travel styles, transportation to destinations—and I love helping others make travel a bigger part of their lives. I’m here to not only inspire you to get out into that big, bad world but to also give you the tools and clear steps along the way to make. it. happen. Whether you’re planning a trip but have no idea where to start or want to book the flight but need to save up first, I hope that Tremendous Times motivates you to dream big and wander far.


Theresa Christine is a freelance writer and world traveler in Los Angeles, California, with a background in adventure and design. Her site,, helps inspire thousands around the world to travel more by teaching them how to budget better, make more informed plans, and take the trip of their dreams.

Theresa’s work has been featured in and shared by the Burning Man Organization, HOW Design Magazine, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, The Culture Trip, The Examiner, LunaLuna Magazine, and countless others. She has spoken on HuffPost Live to discuss the recent changes in the Burning Man community, been a guest for the HPL Podcast on Her Packing List to talk about traveling without any luggage, and presented at the Women in Travel Summit on travel blogging.

Her writing has taken her snorkeling in between tectonic plates in Iceland, horseback riding through a rural Brazilian town, and riding an octopus art car at Burning Man with Susan Sarandon (long story). She has a deep love for champagne, cats, and hula hooping.

Theresa in Joshua Tree

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