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Travel Like a Local: Finding Non-Touristy Things to Do

Travel like a local: finding non-touristy things to do when traveling

How to find non-touristy things to do when you're traveling

“Off-the-beaten-path” is one of those terms that sort of makes me cringe a little. It’s like the term “hipster” to me. If someone claims that their style is hipster, then are they even a hipster anymore? And if a place is so off-the-beaten-path that it gets listed in a national publication or well-known travel website, isn’t it now on the beaten path? Ah, these are the questions that keep me up at night.

Anyhoo, if you’re like me, you tend to enjoy those little off-the-beaten-path experiences. Whether it’s a bar that all the locals go to, a city viewpoint with no tourists in sight, or a restaurant that makes the most traditional food in town, these discoveries feel so special and make you feel like you actually got to know your destination.

But, here’s the dilemma: how in the world are you supposed to find these lesser-known places and locals’ spots, if not in a guidebook or Google search? Aside from some of your favorite, trusted bloggers (ahem), finding non-touristy things to do when you’re a tourist can be easier said than done. Watch the video below for a few useful tips to help you travel like a local.

One thing I mention in the video
(and one thing I don’t!):

Girls LOVE Travel is a Facebook group comprised of travel-loving women from all over the world. A wonderful place to turn for advice from a local’s perspective. Sorry gents, it’s girls only!

Trippy is also a wonderful forum for asking questions and getting advice on places to go from people who live there or have been there.

What is an experience that you had when traveling made you feel like you were going off-the-beaten-path, and how did you make it happen?


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