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How to Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad

How to stay connected while traveling abroad

“Excuse me, do you have wifi?”
– Basically every traveler ever

Last month as I was traveling through a few countries in Europe, I found the need for wifi on endless occasions, every single day: when lunchtime rolled around in Salzburg and I wanted to find a good vegetarian spot using the Happy Cow app, when I had to figure out bus directions in Copenhagen to get to a cat cafe, or when I arrived at 8am to the Krakow train station and needed to coordinate meeting with my Couchsurfing host. But luckily, I didn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for an internet connection; instead, I had it right in my own pocket.

Before my trip, I’d rented a Tep Wireless device. Instead of paying my cell carrier a small fortune for data to make calls and texts, I used this one handy hotspot that gave me a wifi connection almost everywhere I went. It’s important to me to stay connected while traveling, and Tep looked like the best option. Being a wifi hotspot, it doesn’t give you cell service—it provides you with an internet connection. But with that internet connection, you can use messaging services like WhatsApp, Couple, Facebook Messenger, and Skype (including Skype calls, which I did a few times).

Tep wireless device will keep you connected to the internet abroad

Tep is especially good for people who:

  • Feel nervous about traveling abroad and want (or need) to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Are traveling to multiple countries on their trip and don’t want the hassle of coordinating different data plans or different SIM cards (this was key for me, as I visited five countries in about four weeks).
  • Would feel safer getting around in a new place by referring to reliable directions, as well as having the option to Skype call authorities, if needed.
  • Simply want to stay connected while they’re abroad.

A few days before my trip, they sent me everything in a handy carrying case and a prepaid envelope for returning it when I was done. No need to shell out money for pre-paid data with my carrier, no need to jet out and find a SIM card, and no need to base my lunch decision off of which cafe offered wifi or not.

My Experience Staying Connected While Traveling

Using my Tep wireless to stay connected while on a trip to Europe

This was my first time traveling with a wifi hotspot, and I noticed some pretty interesting changes in the way that I was traveling. First of all, I felt far less concerned about planning out my day before leaving my AirBnB or Couchsurfing home and could be more flexible overall. If I needed to look something up on my phone while I was out and about, I didn’t have to cross fingers and toes while I ate up data or run around town for a cafe with free wifi. Also, this traveling internet service allowed me the freedom to hop online whenever it was convenient—most notably on my train rides in between cities. I actually published a blog post on how to travel light somewhere between Zurich and Salzburg.

And most importantly: I felt safer.

As a female traveler, I find it reassuring to confidently know where I’m going. Standing around on the sidewalk and scratching my head looking clearly lost makes me a vulnerable target. Not only that, but the ability to reach out to someone in the event of an emergency puts my mind (and the minds of my loved ones) at ease.

Does Tep Offer a Good Internet Connection While Traveling?

I chose Tep Wireless because it was easy (one device for all of Europe!) and inexpensive (at only $10 a day). Beforehand I figured that, even if the connection was relatively slow, it would be better than nothing—I’d be able to post a few Instagrams and send a few messages at least. The internet connection was so much better than I expected even when I shared the password with people traveling with me, and 99% of the time I would never have guessed I was using a portable device. The only time I could tell things were shaky was during my train ride from Zurich to Salzburg (I imagine because it was constantly having to re-establish a connection), but even then I managed to get work done online.

Tep Wireless at work in Iceland, connecting me to the internet while traveling

The only place it didn’t work at all was in the Westfjords in Iceland—a rather remote part of the country that only 3% of tourists actually get to. While there, the device had a hard time setting up a good connection, which I’d kind of expected it would in that area. However, while enjoying a cruise out on Lake Geneva, in the internet-less budget airline terminal in Copenhagen, throughout the rest of beautiful Iceland, and in a quiet rural village in Poland, everything worked perfectly.

Tep saved me in spots where wifi was free, shared, and slow or where it ceased to exist altogether, and I was able to message friends and family, use FaceTime Audio, hop on Yelp, make Skype calls, use Google Maps, and request Uber drivers without issue. It made traveling so much easier and far more comfortable, and it’s definitely on my list to rent for the next trip I take abroad.

What do you do when traveling to ensure you stay connected to friends and family while you’re traveling?

Tep has coverage all over the world, in many countries and regions. Rent your own Tep Wireless device for your next trip abroad and give up the hunt for wifi on the road. 🙂

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission when you purchase through the link. It doesn’t cost you anything more, and I only promote products and services that I love—and Tep is the real deal. All opinions are my own.

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