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Travel Planning Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Travel Planning Mistakes and how to fix them!

I saved myself the other night.

I was nailing down an itinerary for an upcoming trip to Europe and was feeling pretty proud of myself. Originally, I was planning my travels to include Denmark, Germany, and Poland, but after looking at the map, I added on Austria, Italy, Slovakia. Oh, and a potential overnight layover in Brussels. Everything’s so close, I figured I might as well. Sounds great, right? In another universe, maybe, but when I’m traveling for less than three weeks, it’s actually kind of insane.

I fell into the trap that a lot of travelers do when heading off to Europe—trying to squeeze in every iconic destination that’s been on their bucket list into one crazy mega-Eurotrip (although this can happen on a trip to any continent, pretty much). After realizing I’d be spending a significant amount of my time in train stations and airports, I’ve since tapered my list down into a smaller list of cities I’m excited about and will be spending quality time in, while still allowing myself to wander and explore.

Mistakes are bound to happen when planning a trip. Travel never goes as planned, and you can do the best trip planning in the world and you’ll still run into issues. But there are a few definite things you should avoid when planning your next adventure. Take a look at my video for six common mistakes and tips on how you can avoid making them.

What mistakes have you made when planning a trip?

ps I’ve begun accepting questions about travel + trip planning. If you want to ask me something about traveling, specific destinations, gear, trip planning, and general wandering, then ask away. 🙂

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