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How to Satisfy Wanderlust in Between Trips

How to Satisfy Wanderlust in Between Trips

Two weeks of vacation per year is a challenge.

Between all the other things that inevitably pop up—friends getting married, coming down with the plague, etc.—you’re realistically left with less. And of course, you make the most of it by trying to plan an amazing and rewarding trip, but it doesn’t change the fact that you have a lot of time in between those travels. Even if you’re allowed more time to travel during the year, there will still be times spent at home where you’re waiting to cash in those vacay days or build up your savings before heading off somewhere new.

These in-between times can be frustrating and boring…but they don’t have to be. Life is what you make it, so it makes a little more sense to try to make the times you’re not traveling more thrilling rather than trying to pack in all of those amazing experiences into a couple days. Not only will it mentally be easier, but it’ll make you a happier person, too, by give you a little bit of that wanderlust-y feeling.

So why not get started this week? Find a balance between backpacking through Europe and sitting at home in your pajamas bingeing on How I Met Your Mother reruns. Satisfying wanderlust at home simply takes making a goal to do one new thing (see the video for more). 🙂

So what new thing will you do this week for your wandering soul?

ps if you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, here are 25 ideas:

* Eat at a new restaurant in your neighborhood.
* Visit a museum you’ve been meaning to go to.
* See a movie in a language you don’t know (subtitles plz).
* Search workout videos on YouTube and try one out.
* Cook food from a recipe you’ve not tried before.
* Commute to work in a different way (bike instead of drive, walk instead of bus, etc.).
* Volunteer.
* Play a Spotify channel for music you don’t normally listen to.
* Take a dance class (many places will let you drop in, no commitment necessary).
* Try out meditation (there are tons of these listed on YouTube).
* Go skydiving (on the scale of Small to Big, this is definitely the latter!).
* Start a video diary (something pretty cool to look back on in a few years).
* Upcycle something in your home or wardrobe.
* Dye your hair (bright colors are not for the faint of heart).
* Learn a new skill not related to your work (like some Photoshop basics, knitting, or web design).
* Have a first date (and not to your usual dinner/drinks spot).
* Wander to a different hiking spot.
* Attend a circus sideshow or burlesque performance (they’re so fun!).
* Stargaze.
* Join a Meetup group and go to their next scheduled meetup.
* Karaoke (if you’re feeling daring, have someone else pick a song for you).
* Meet up with a traveler (you can connect with people traveling in your area on Couchsurfing).
* Take a walking lunch.
* Go to a live music venue without knowing the band lineup for the night.
* Host a potluck and have everyone bring a dish from a different country.

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