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10 Last-Minute Gifts for Travel Lovers & Travel Inspiration

10 Last-minute Gifts for Travel Lovers & Inspiration

Procrastinators, it’s time to celebrate! If you have yet to sort out your gift-giving situation for this year, there’s still hope.

I definitely sympathize with the last-minute shoppers. This year is different since I picked up most of my Christmas gifts when traveling last month, but usually I’m right there with you, rushing out to the stores a few days before I fly home or — more likely — keeping my fingers crossed that the UPS peeps deliver my packages on time. (in case you were wondering Amazon Prime 2-day shipping is my best. friend.)

Whether you’ve got travel-lovers on your list, are trying inspire those you love to explore a little more, or maybe you’re just looking for a little something to treat yo’self, here is a fabby list of last-minute gifts you can get and have wrapped and ready by the 25th.

A camera extender (or what we all really call it: a selfie stick) — Selfie sticks get a lot of crap, but it’s such a treat to easily take photos of the entire crew. They’re also good for more than just taking photos of yourself! I use mine a lot to stabilize my phone for video shots or even just get a picture from a higher perspective. I like mine although it does not have remote shutter capabilities which would be SO nice, so I’d say to get something that offers that. I recommend one like this one from Mpow, but your nearest Target or Best Buy should have plenty, too.

Battery pack phone case — I got an Anker phone case for my trip to Brazil and it has been such a game-changer that I haven’t taken it off my phone yet! Honestly, it’s just been really nice to not need to charge my phone every night, or experience the dread when I wake up after forgetting to do just that. In regards to traveling, phones double as cameras for many, and it’s such a bummer when they start to die around 6pm (we’ve all been there). I went with Anker because I read this review on The Wirecutter and it was reasonably priced at only $40.

Travel-sized toiletries — One year my sister-in-law got me travel-sized hair care products from Living Proof, which is a kind of swanky brand sold at Sephora. It’s a simple gift that literally makes me feel like a KUH-WEEN when traveling. There’s an endless choice of bath and body products for both men and women at Sephora and Target. Alternatively, pick up a few GoToobs (which are also available at CVS and other drugstores) that are much more durable than a lot of other travel-sized containers out there.

Tickets to a concert or show — The gift itself is sweet, and then getting to look forward to the event is like getting the gift all over again. Google the person’s favorite band to find out tour dates, look for live entertainment like plays or musicals, or even quirky local events like Get Mortified or a podcast recording. (ps for all you big spenders, Adele just released tour dates and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would turn down tickets to that.)

A membership or subscription of some kind — Skillshare, Audible, Spotify, Lynda, a museum, state park, or a travel magazine like Afar or Nat Geo Traveler, for example. Something that they might not normally treat themselves to but will get them feeling inspired.


A book — Nothing like a good book to satiate some wanderlust. I highly Wild by Cheryl Strayed (SO GOOD) and am currently working on Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents (a little chick lit-y but I like). Also, I read it years ago but from time to time still catch myself pondering Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven — that is one crazy travel story right there. If you’re looking for more awesome suggestions and thoughtful reviews, Nomadic Matt has some good ones for you.

Something from Groupon/Living Social/Zozi — To quote everyone’s favorite fashion designer, giving an experience is so hot right now. Somewhat in the same vein as tickets to a concert or show, this is a wonderful way to gift something memorable without contributing to clutter and consumerism.

A Moleskine or other journal — You can get a travel journal (like this one that my dear friend Leigh got me from Rifle Paper), but even a Moleskine or Field Notes book is perfect and they’re pretty easy to find at Target. Either way, they’re a sweet way to jot down things that might otherwise be forgotten, and as a journal-keeper for years I can promise you they are a fun way to relive trips!

A TripIt Pro membership — Perfect for someone who travels regularly and is somewhat scatterbrained (cough cough). My TripIt account is basically my go-to whenever I’m on on the road, because I can easily pull up flight information without having to dig through my emails or a folder full of printouts. It’s no substitute for paper copies of your docs, but it is the easiest way to keep track of your travels and to keep loved ones informed, as well.

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera — I L-O-V-E my Instax camera. It’s such a neat way to collect memories from a trip, or even just a night out with friends. The 90 Neo is just the right size and takes pretty credit-card sized photos to boot. If you don’t have time to order in time for the lovely Amazon shipping gods to save you, you can find it at Urban Outfitters for sure and other camera stores.

What’s your favorite on the list? 

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a small kickback when you purchase through clicking on the link. This comes at no cost to you, and as always, I only include items that I love and recommend wholeheartedly. <3 

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