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You Create Your Own Opportunities

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Sitting down and allowing life to happen to you is a passive way to live. I can’t be content to just hope that the path I want to take will magically appear in front of me, and I wouldn’t wish that for anyone else, either. Just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re really livin’.

To celebrate a productive and happy Monday, here are some things you can do to create your own opportunities and stay on top of yo’ shit:

* Think about a hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to take up and try it (pottery making, skiing, a new language…). It can be intimidating to admit you’re a novice, but just by trying out something new, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself.

* De-clutter your room (and life!) of the bullshit that you’re needlessly hanging on to. We’re only human and can only handle so many things before feeling weighed down. So make some space for the more important things by getting rid of whatever you truly don’t need anymore, whether it’s a material possession or emotional baggage.

* Keep an agenda. If I don’t write down my schedule each week on my whiteboard AND in my calendar app on my phone, I’ll totally forget everything–from meetups with friends to shows that I’m performing in. It’s also sobering to look back at the previous month and determine how you can best redistribute your time (note to self: less time on Buzzfeed).

* Take care of yourself! You have one body and if you treat it like shit you’ll hate yourself for it later. Treat your body to healthy foods, exercise (even if it’s just a walk around your neighborhood), plenty of water, and rest. You’ll need energy to accomplish all the awesome things you want to do! PS I swear your mom didn’t tell me to put that one in here. PPS You should still occasionally enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s and stay up too late watching Netflix.

* Brainstorm. You probably used to do this when you were in elementary or middle school, but it’s actually pretty helpful as an adult. Put a pen to paper and write anything that comes to mind. In just 10 or 20 minutes of thinking to yourself and writing it out, you might come up with some pretty cool shizznit.

* Support others. Whether it’s people you know personally or Kickstarter campaigns, supporting other talented individuals will not only boost your mood but inspire you.

* Keep your goals visible. Whether it’s a paper on your wall or the screensaver on your phone, try to make it something you see each day to motivate you.

As usual, this is just the start to a very long list of ideas. What would you add to it?

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