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    How to Make Travel a Bigger Part of Your Life

    How to Make Travel a Bigger Part of Your Life

    Happy 2016! *insert all festive emojis here*

    This year, I achieved a lot of my travel goals: I rang in 2015 watching twinkling fireworks dot the skyline in Reykjavik, spoke at an empowering women’s travel conference in Boston, got a magazine assignment for my beloved and bizarre week at Burning Man, and spent a month falling in love with two beautiful countries in South America. As I look back at the year I am feeling beyond #blessed. I do recognize that it’s part luck, part supportive family, part good timing, part understanding job, part amazing significant other – but it’s also taken a lot of effort on my part. I didn’t just sit around wishing to travel more; I made. it. happen. I really wanted it, I prioritized, I listed out goals, I risked failing, and in the end those were the things that worked out (and trust me, not everything on the list did, but that’s okay, too).

    Now whether or not you like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, there is something thrilling about looking at a crisp, clean calendar year and imagining all the possibility it can hold. If you’re interested in making some life changes (whether you call them resolutions or not), then now is a perfect time to do it. In honor of the New Year, I wanted to share a little advice to help you make travel a bigger part of your life this year. If you hope to travel more in 2016, here are four things that can help… Continue reading

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