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    How to Pack a Stylish Travel Wardrobe so You Can Go Carry-On Only

    When I took my first international trip to Germany (I was 16), I checked a suitcase that was so enormous I definitely could have fit at least one person into it, if not two. Quite honestly, I don’t even know if they make that size suitcase anymore, it was so ridiculously large. But I convinced myself I needed it at the time—I would be gone for nearly a month, and of course I needed to pack a separate outfit for every single day I was there.

    These days, I’m much more of a carry-on only gal. Not only did I discover this amazing thing called a ~laundry machine~, but I’ve found that having less to lug around makes travel significantly easier. You can pick up and go anywhere you’d like in an instant, you can keep tabs on all your belongings since they’ll remain on you, plus you’re way less of a target when you aren’t carrying around a bunch of stuff. Win win win.

    But just because you’re packing light doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. I, for one, tend to gravitate towards colorful patterned clothing and will happily wear anything that has a cat on it. So how can you create a travel wardrobe that isn’t totally blah and gives you lots of options without requiring a big-ass suitcase? Continue reading